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Study Links Lithium to Low Bipolar Re-Hospitalization

Dr. Susan Turner

Dr. Susan Turner, a psychiatrist in New York City, maintains a particular focus on the treatment of bipolar disorder. Dr. Susan Turner develops individualized treatment plans for each patient so that they can receive the appropriate combination of therapy and medication.

Bipolar disorder causes alternating periods of depression and mania, and lithium has long been used for mood stabilization. Until recently, however, there had been no clinically significant, long-term data on its practical effectiveness. A study from the Karolinksa Institutet in Sweden has now filled this research gap, as findings state that lithium leads other mood-stabilizing drugs in preventing re-hospitalization.

The research team at the Institute analyzed information from more than 18,000 individuals who had been hospitalized for bipolar disorder. After following these patients for more than seven years, researchers found that those treated with lithium had the lowest risk of re-hospitalization for mental or medical issues.
Researchers also found that the injection of long-acting anti-psychotic drugs to be effective. Injection appears to be a crucial component of the drugs' effectiveness, as they proved to be close to 30 percent more effective at preventing re-admission in comparison to oral treatments with the same drugs.

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